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POST-PARTUM BLUES - Myth or Reality?

Additional Post-Partum Blues Help ....

- How To Deal with the Post-Partum Period

- Why is the New Mother Blue?

- Welcoming A Second Child

- The Spouse has a great role to play in preventing post-partum blues

Post-partum blues and depression are a very common topic. Are they for real or just urban legends? How can we cope with them? How can a woman who just gave birth prevent post-partum blues or depression?

post partum bluesThe period after giving birth is called post-partum. For most women, it is a time of joy and celebration of being with their precious baby. For other women, the post-partum period is a synonym for a sad period where they feel tired.

What is exactly post-partum blues and depression and can a woman who just gave birth avoid it?

Post-partum blues and depression is said to be caused by a sudden drop of hormone levels following the birth and the overall change in a daily routine a woman can experience when in post-partum. Often, when caring for a newborn baby, a woman's sleep pattern will be disturbed as she cannot get into the deep state and recuperating state that sleep provides.

When a person is deprived of sleep, her overall sense of happiness and joy in life can be greatly disturbed. Hence, the first step in avoiding post-partum blues and depression is to respect one's sense of tiredness and enjoy naps whenever the little baby is sleeping.

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Women all over the world have been cursed with the syndrome of wanting the perfect house and are sometimes obsessed with having their house spotless, sometimes at the expense of their own health. A woman who just gave birth and is attending to her newborn's needs should be allowed all the rest she needs. It is also her task to free herself from her obsession to have a post partum bluesperfect house and being concerned with what other people might think if they saw her house not being in perfect order.

A new mother has to know that most babies will sleep through the night and eventually she will get her routine and sleep patterns back in order. In the mean time, it is important for her to accept and realize that in the immediate post-partum period, she should allow herself time to rest and recuperate whenever she can. As for the wonder woman myth, she might just decide to give it a rest.

The post-partum blues is a very different condition to post-partum depression where a woman who just gave birth basically cannot function and is experiencing increased anxiety and sadness. Consulting with the proper medical and psychological personal is highly recommended in such conditions. 


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