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For more Testimonials about Childbirth with Hypnosis, Click Here

Dr Fiset, what a great joy to have been able to help our baby start her life so peacefully and gently!

We want to thank you for teaching us the powerful hypnosis techniques for this memorable event. A fabulous gift for the whole family!
Congratulations and thank you!

Brenda, Philip and Mariska

For me, self-hypnosis has been extremely beneficial during my pregnancy and birth but even more in my life in general.

I have discovered a powerful relaxation tool and a successful way of getting prepared for the unknown of the delivery. More specifically, I have felt a great relief during my contractions by focusing on my perfect place and the positive messages from the Gold CD.
I wish to all women to discover this powerful yet very simple technique, based on the natural aspect of childbirth.

Marie-Eve Pelletier xxx

Natural Childbirth With HypnosisI was fearful of the birth but I prepared well (gym, yoga, hypnosis classes). Hypno-Beginning© helped me a lot to reframe the conception I had and it gave me confidence. During the birth I was able to stay in my "bubble" and felt confident. I was neither in panic nor fear mode and I was really living in the now.

I have to say that self-hypnosis worked great for me until I was dilated 7 to 8 cm and then the pain imposed itself and I had trouble concentrating on hypnosis. During the pushing part I felt a quite lot of pain but I am proud to say that I was able to give birth naturally. I also know I offered my daughter Charlotte a nice gift in doing so.

Marie Hélène

Two times I have had the birthing experiences that I had dreamed of. Both my husband and I were thrilled to find Dr. Nathalie as she really embodies the philosophy which we sought for our birthing.Childbirth with hypnosis We used hypno-birthing for our first child and our daughter, Victoria, was born a little over an hour after we arrived at the hospital. While pregnant with our second child we were able to enjoy Nathalie's Hypno-Beginning© program, which was not available for the birth of Victoria. My contractions lasted just over 5 hours and with a couple of minutes of pushing, my husband delivered our beautiful, healthy second daughter, Veronique.Childbirth with hypnosis Hypno-Beginning© ensured I remained calm and relaxed in the weeks before the the birth and I had it playing right up to the moment I gave birth!


Thank you, Nathalie, for everything!


Karen MacNeil and Denis Paquette



My husband Frederick and I were ecstatic to learn we were expecting twins! We prepared with the Hypno-Beginning© course starting at 23 weeks of pregnancy.

Natural chilbirth with hypnosisWhen I arrived in the delivery room, I was afraid and surprised to realize that I might ask for an epidural. Frederick helped me to relax and Thania, my doula, talked to me gently and helped me regain control. I then got into my bubble and I lost track of time. I talked to my baby girls and I was looking forward to meeting them. I was not afraid at all from then on. My first birth took a total five hours and my twin girls were born naturally without the need for any intervention.

Contrary to other women who remember their deliveries as being the worst ordeal ever, I would do it again any time!

Julie Cossette and Frederick, proud parents of Alice and Daphnée

Natural Childbirth with hypnosisFor Annabelle's birth I wanted a fast and calm birth and I got that exactly!

During the contractions the Hypno-Beginning© program gave me the necessary support to keep calm and focused on what really mattered - my new baby!

With the help of my husband Mark and Dr Fiset, my three (yes just three!) pushes went really well and were pain free.

It was important for me to give birth naturally, without an epidural, in a calm atmosphere and that's exactly what hapenned.

I was able to appreciate the fantastic moments spent with my new daughter moments after the birth because I was still calm and so was she and I could give her all my attention and love. What a marvelous experience!

Priscilla, Mark and Annabelle

Natural childbirth with hypnosisI am happy to have put aside my skepticism and allowed myself to benefit from the hypnosis techniques for child birth.

The birth of my son happened rapidly and calmly.

I have no bad memories of pain and I feel ready for the next birth.

Marie-Eve, mother of Alexis




Natural childbirth with hypnosis

I gave birth to our second baby using the Hypno-Beginning© program again.

The experience proved unforgetable.

It was even easier than the first time and Charlie was born softly and gently, just as her older sister was previously.

Giving birth using the Hypno-Beginning© program is the best gift we could give our baby who was born softly and peacefully.


Mélanie Gagnon, mother of Ariel 2 year old and Charlie 3 weeks old.





natural child birth with hypnosisOur baby Ludovich was born at 8:10 a.m., just two and a half hours after labor started.

It was the ideal birth thanks to the Hypno-Beginning© program.

It was rapid and an all natural birth, very peaceful, almost painless. I was able to recuperate very rapidly!

Our experience has been sensational and we will certainly have another baby using the Hypno-Beginning© program.


Marie-Pier Audet and baby Ludovick


natural child birth with hypnosisI have had the chance to teach the Hypno-Beginning© program and I was able to experience the benefits of hypnosis for myself when I gave birth to my third son.

After having two disapointing births, I have finally experienced this marvelous tool myself which enabled me to give birth naturally and confirmed my great expectations.

My little Zachael was born underwater in the birthing center Mimosa. The delivery was incredibly fast and I could hardly believe that it was all over.

I hope I can relive this experience.

Nathalie Lessard and baby Zachael

natural child birth with hypnosisI so pleased to have taken the Hypno-Beginning© program. For the birth, everything happened very fast and my husband told me I looked very relaxed and comfortable even during the contractions.

I now know that a relaxed body and mind greatly can reduce the sensation of pain. You only have to believe in your own capabilities because with hypnosis you can accomplish all that you want and desire.

I wanted a natural and comfortable birth and that's what I had. My little Magalie arrived fast and peacefully.

Again, thank you. I plan on repeating the experience...

Mélanie Parent and baby Magalie



I have researched a lot on pregnancy and birth. My doctor told me about Hypno-Beginning©. I knew I had found THE best way to prepare for our baby's birth. My spouse had already read about hypnosis so it was easy to convince him. During every class, we were fascinated by the power of hypnosis.

The morning my labor started, everything went smoothly. I pushed for 1h14. I cannot say it was painless but it was very much bearable. I felt I was in control of my sensations.

My protective bubble was what helped the most: I sang and hummed during the entire labor, up until the very last push.

I recommend Hypno-Beginning© to everyone. Even though it is aimed at childbirth, I use it everyday when I need to fall asleep or when I am stressed or even just to relax.

Thank you Anne, our instructor!

Genevieve, Benoit and baby Rosalie.


During the self-hypnosis sessions preceeding the birth, I programmed my subconscious mind not only for a painless childbirth but for a birth lived in pleasure, sexual pleasure. I have added my personal touch to the program just like Dr Fiset had suggested. I then imagined in my mind a very funny pink feathered lever that had the power to trigger soft sensual and sexual pleasure during the passage of my baby. This technique proved very efficient during my labor as I was able to anesthesize my entire body while keeping my special lever on. I therefore felt pleasure that increased with every contraction. When nearing the end, every contraction brought me immense pleasure. Even today, I think of this experience and I shiver with pleasure. Our little Zia was born in hapinness!

Amelie, Vancouver, B-C

There is no way I could not have dreamed of a more perfect birth for the delivery of my baby! I was so suprised by the speed of the labor as it was only 2 hours and 30 minutes of pushing. I can say that I did not feel any intense pain and never thought of getting the epidural.
The Hypno-Beginning© program helped me prepare for a calm birth where I felt in total control and was able to enjoy every moment of the adventure. When I left the hospital I was feeling very proud and I brought home a very calm, peaceful baby!
The Hypno-Beginning© method is truly wonderful!

Chantal Barbeau


My first birth was a little too medicalized in the opinion of my husband and myself. We therefore wanted to take charge for our second birth. Our Doula also happened to be a Hypno-Beginning© instructor - what a great coincidence.

We were at the hospital and our baby Olivier was ready to be born. The doctor on call decided to break my water to help my labor and in less than an hour, the baby was in my arms! During the entire hour, I was in my bubble. I was relazed and my body was relaxed. In fact I was so relaxed that I barely realized what was going around me in the room.

I am now able to compare a birth using the epidural and one all natural and I can say I truly appreciated this second birth with hypnosis. I would do it again without a doubt - it was a great positive experience. I now understand the power of the mind!

Thank you Nathalie, Josette for this marvelous journey.

Annie, Martin, Audrey(18 months) and Olivier (2 months)

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